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Health Life

Everyone wants to live healthy and rarely gets sick but if you want it but don’t do anything, it’s useless
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People who are genetically at higher risk for stroke can lower that risk by as much as 43% by adopting a healthy cardiovascular lifestyle, according to new research led by UTHealth Houston, which was published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Health Food

A healthy life starts with the food we eat every day, we must maintain a healthy diet and what we eat should be neither deficient nor excess in order to be balanced in our bodies.

Health Insurance

Insurance that provides guarantees to the insured to reimburse any medical expenses that include hospitalization, surgery costs and drug costs.
This insurance is not Indemnity which does not return the financial position at any time before the loss occurs. Insurance companies replace according to their ability, who can afford to pay more will get greater benefits and vice versa.

Healt Care Article

maintenance or improvement of health status through prevention, diagnosis, therapy, recovery, or healing of diseases, injuries, and other physical and mental disorders. Health services are provided professionally by health workers and health support personnel, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, and their assistants. Health service activities are provided in primary, secondary, tertiary health facilities, and include public health.


How To Overcome Jet Lag

Are you preparing for a vacation and traveling by plane? There are ways to shield your body against jet lag and overcome it, reducing the symptoms that can

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