Top 6 Fitness Youtubers; Full body workouts from home without equipment

Top 6 Fitness Youtubers;  Full body workouts from home without equipment

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Full body workouts from home without equipment

Sticking to a fitness journey is way easier than people make it seem.

Oftentimes, what keeps us from achieving our fitness goals is motivation. Who wants to do 100 crunches after a long day of work when your bed looks so enticing?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cardio queen or a passionate yogi looking for new Yoga routines; without motivation, staying fit is one of the most challenging tasks of your life.

Like everything in this world, motivation is temporary. It’s fleeting. So when you have it, grab onto it for dear life and ride its wave to a fitter, healthier you.

But when you can’t find any motivationpop into these Youtube channels for exercise inspiration.

1. Emi Wong

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, it’s important to start with light challenges and build slowly. So for all the beginner fitness gurus out there, hop over to Emi Wong’s Youtube channel.

Emi Wong is a Canadian fitness YouTuber with millions of subscribers who’s best known for her diverse fitness challenges, which is why I recommend her for anyone looking for full body workouts from home without any equipment needed!

Not only does she help you get defined abs and a rounder bootythere are videos to improve your posture, healthy snack recipes and guided meditations. This chick has it all.

My favorite workout of hers is this one. It’s hard to find good beginner workouts for your back but she makes it easy.

She also gives you a peek into her life. You get to see her fitness downfalls and her accomplishments. She’s human and doesn’t present the false fitness facade that other Youtubers do.

She welcomes all her viewers to the family and proves that you are not alone on your health journey.

With over 350 videos to choose from, you’ll definitely find a sweaty one, beginner-friendly challenge when working out with Emi.

2. Chloe Ting

Anyone who’s spent a millisecond on the fitness portion of Youtube has heard about Chloe Ting. Her bubbly personality is infectious and she makes exercising at home a little bit easier.

What truly stands out about Chloe isn’t her impressive 17 million subscribers or her 6-pack abs and itty-bitty waist. It’s actually the fact that she encourages you not to be perfect.

Let’s face it: people take breaks while they exercise and no one is going to get their form right every single time. Chloe has a body most women would kill for and she didn’t do 100 perfect sit ups to get it.

In Chloe’s videos she falls down, loses balance, stops working out, does exercises wrong and screws her face to show her viewers how much the current exercise hurts.

She doesn’t try to be perfect but she works consistently. Consistency is really all it takes for a better body and better health.

Also, did I mention she’s the queen of quick workouts?

Most of her videos are under 30 minutes and aimed at beginners. If you’re crunched for time, need a quick burn or simply hate exercising for hours, join #TeamChloe.

full body workouts from home without equipment

3. Caroline Girvan

This list wouldn’t be complete without your highness of HIIT: Caroline Girvan. Caroline isn’t a Youtube veteran like some of the other fitness fanatics on the list. As a matter of fact, she just started her fitness channel in 2020.

But don’t let her rookie rankings fool you. I can attest that this woman will give you the body of your dreams!

Caroline offers a wide range of workout videos from five minutes to over an hour. They’re super intense so I don’t recommend their channel for beginners. But she has something special that people of all fitness levels can appreciate.

Her body is banging and even she rests during her workouts. She has better abs than most men but still gets tired and takes a break during her sit ups.

Caroline Girvan is a testament that you can achieve the body of your dreams at your own pace and when you’re tired, REST.

4. Bloglates

On an exercise journey, some people need a trainer and other people need an encouraging friend. Blogilates gives you both.

This fitness and lifestyle channel has been around for over 10 years; serve cardio, pilatesnutrition and workout videos to its audience of over 5 million viewers.

Casey Ho, the channel’s host, has the most interesting videos on this entire list. The videos are challenging but so entertaining they keep you coming back.

Imagine your legs turning to jelly from doing way too many squats but being distracted by the chattering of this beautiful Asian woman working beside you. Casey Ho delivers exercise instructions while casually chatting about her trips to the grocery store, favorite foods, new hobbies etc.

Her constant babbling distracts you from the pain of your workouts and before you know it, the video is over and you’ve completed a full 30-minute pilates video.

Exercising with Casey feels like you’re working out with your mom, sister and best friend wrapped into one amazing human being, sealed together with yoga pants.

5. MadFit

I started my fitness journey with this channel. I lost over 10lbs and had a super thin waist all summer following MadFit’s workout videos.

The videos feel so easy that it’s amazing they actually give results. This is the ideal channel for beginners.

MadFit isn’t new to Youtube either and you’ve probably seen her before. Her most popular video took the internet by storm with a TikTok inspired dance workout.

Her videos are great for all fitness levels, even if you’ve never worked out before. Most of her videos provide detailed instructions on how to do each exercise before the workout even begins.

Occasionally, she’ll chime in with encouraging words to help you finish the entire workout. She doesn’t say much. But heyr playlists are bombs and make up for the lack of words.

6. Train with Me via Kickoff

If you are super unmotivated and feel like you need someone to hold your hand through the weight loss process, or even just the process of getting more in shape and fit, you can personally train with me now via the Kickoff app! Although I was too skeptical at first… kickoff is a GREAT program that truly encompasses lifestyle change.

What I love the best about it is that you can access everything you need, (workouts, healthy recipes, nutrition guidance etc…) all in one convenient app! You will also be able to chat with me one on one, anytime you need me, if you have a question about the workouts or just need some motivation… I am right there at your fingertips and I’ll be more in tune with your life than need a best friend 😛

Train with me today by simply clicking this link and get started!



You don’t need a gym, personal trainer or tons of fancy gym equipment to get the body and health status of your dreams. Fitness YouTubers make an amazing contribution to the world by giving everyday people with busy lives the access to high quality fitness. Take advantage of this.

If you’re looking for extra motivation to start exercising today, check out any one (or all) of these channels. Your fitness journey will benefit greatly from the extra boost.

If that’s not enough fitness fuel to get you going, check out this simple Yoga routine to get you feeling pumped and ready for exercise.

If you think you need more than just a new one at home workout routine in order to achieve your ultimate fitness and weight loss goals, sign up for my FREE 7-day meal plan as well and take full advantage of this amazing offer! Just drop your email in the box below and I’ll send it right to ya 😃

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