Help Revise the National PE Standards – PHE America

Help Revise the National PE Standards – PHE America


School districts across the country rely on in order to develop their own standards, frameworks and curricula.

As part of the ongoing standards revision process, SHAPE America’s has tirelessly gathered research and best practices from education experts around the world, and has collected feedback from the HPE community. Based on the feedback from the first round of Public Review and Comment, SHAPE America, and the National Physical Education Standards Task Force have developed proposed Student Attributes and Draft Standards, which are now available for your review and comments. Don’t miss your chance to share your feedback during this time .

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Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Review the draft document, which contains the .
  2. Provide your feedback and comments through SurveyMonkey using the link below.
  3. no later than April 3.

Your feedback and comments will inform the task force on any necessary revisions or concepts to consider as they develop the final physical education standards, learning outcomes, and other important field information. The new National Physical Education Standards will be launched at the SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Cleveland, March 12-16, 2024.

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